NGO network

Civil society organizations network Misto Zmistiv (City of Content) was created for the effective partnership development with the public, which concists of 47 public organizations of Vinnytsia. Governing body of this union – Coordinate Council – together with the Institution of Cities Development are the main initiators of all interaction processes and realization of common projects and platforms

  1. Ceertificate of state registration of civil society organization copy
  2. Organization’s constitution copy
  3. Authorized body’s decision about joining the public union
  4. Two recomendations from union’s active members
  5. Report about organization’s activity for the last year

We look forward to your documents and thank you once again for your contribution to the development of civil society in Vinnytsia.
The Public Union Network of CSOs Misto Zmistiv (City of Content) includes:

Vinnytsia regional human rights organization “Dzherelo Nadii” (Source of Hope)

The mission of the organization: to strengthen the ability of people and NGOs to realize and protect human rights, in particular through the cooperation of the community, government, business and media.

We develop civil society, youth competences and disseminate expert knowledge and experience in combating human trafficking, domestic violence, bias and discriminatory treatment towards socially vulnerable groups of the population.


Vinnytsia, 48 Stecenka Str.

Tel: (0432) 61 22 80, (068) 425 00 70, (063) 398 27 02 , (066) 368 78 48

NGO “Chas i Zhyttia” (Time & Life)

Mission: forming a new perception of reality

We help to:

  • experience the fullness of life in seven areas: health, family, friends, spirituality, work, finances, self-development
  • learn to look at ordinary things differently
  • formate the generation of a creative and developed nation
  • find answers to everyday life questions
  • learn to live here and now
  • form positive environment


Tel: 097 167 06 61

NGO “Osvitnii prostir 2.0” (Educational Space 2.0)

The mission of the organization is to create an educational environment in which everyone can develop themselves and embody their potential for the benefit of society.

Values of organization: development, proactivity, mutual respect and trust, social responsibility.


Chairman – Hashyna Olha,

Vice-chairman – Turchak Viktoria,

Vice-chairman – Soloid Olena,

NGO Vinnytsia regional organization union of entrepreneurs “Stina” (The Wall)

Mission: to create a prosperous society through the introduction of reliable rules of business and entrepreneurial culture.

We are working to promote the development of entrepreneurship in the vinnytsia region. we also provide information support and defend the interests of business development; help to establish cooperation with ukrainian, foreign and international structures and promote self-realization of the younger generation

“Stina” creates an image of the entrepreneur in the minds of citizens, as a creator of public goods!


21100, Ukraine, Vinnytsia, 14 Teatralna Str., office 204, 205

+38 (063) 7781616, +38 (096) 1526070

NGO Harmonia (Harmony)

Mission: building an inclusive environment for equal opportunities for every individual

NGO “harmony” in its team has specialists from various professional fields, which, if necessary, are connected to implement one or another program, the project. more of our programs and projects is available on the website of the organization


Vinnytsia. 5 Vynnychenka Str.

(0432) 507 510

NGO Immigrant’s association “Spilna Sprava” (Common case)

Mission: we use the hbo resource, influencing the government, working with the community and the media, to overcome common challenges.

The ngo common case provides comprehensive assistance to internally displaced persons (idp) from luhansk and donetsk regions and the autonomous republic of crimea living in Vinnytsia region, actively cooperates with representatives of local authorities and local communities, public organizations, and also makes all efforts to expand the network of forced migrants throughout ukraine.


Vinnytsia, 7 Zamostianska Str., office 234

Tel. (0432) 61 28 88;

NGO Vinnytskyi Klub Dilovykh Liudei (Vinnytsia Businessmen Club)

Vinnytsia Businessmen Club is a platform for the exchange of experience, contacts, continuous training and improvement of your business.

NGO was founded on september 30, 1996 by vinnytsya entrepreneurs. today, the members of the club are vinnytsya enterprises and organizations representing various branches of the economy.


21100, Vinnytsia, 82 Khmelnitsky highway, office 606

Tel. +38 097 505 80 50

Fax +38 0432 645 427

Instagram @kdl_vin

NGO Center for development “Pangea Ultima”

Mission of the organization: promoting intercultural dialogue, creating conditions for personal development and disclosing the potential of people, stimulating the sustainable development of communities.

The ngo programs include a number of areas, the most active of which is to promote active citizenship, self-development and community development, media and communication, art and culture, entrepreneurship, environmental protection and tourism development, etc.



NGO association of protection of rights and help people with disabilities “Vidkryti Sertsia” (Open Hearts)

Mission: support and protection of families raising children and young people with disabilities, representation of their interests in different institutions.

The organization created to unite parents with children and young people with disabilities and professionals working in the social sphere on the basis of common interests for joint realization and protection of the rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities.


21018, Vinnytsia, 10 Vladyslava Horodeckoho Str.

Tel./Fax (0432)50-91-45

NGO Terytoria Mam (Mom’s Territory)

Mission of the organization: to help women with the birth of a child to remain active in the community

The organization’s activities are aimed at young parents development through trainings, conferences, seminars, forums, as well as raising family values and addressing social issues that concern women and men with children.


Chairman – Tkachuk Valentyna, Tel. 0975476857

Instagram –

NGO informational and educational center “Vis'” (Axis)

The purpose of the organization and activities of the organization is to protect the rights and ensure equal rights and opportunities of people in all spheres of public life.the purpose of the organization and activities of the organization is to protect the rights and ensure equal rights and opportunities of people in all spheres of public life.

We work to ensure gender equality in all spheres of public life and to support women’s leadership; teach and promote the implementation of gender mainstreaming practices and the promotion of human rights; provide information and education activities in the field of human rights and anti-discrimination; raise awareness of domestic violence and violence against women among various target groups; disclose the facts of discrimination and promote effective protection of individuals and / or groups of people who have suffered from discrimination; we help in the employment and entrepreneurship of people who are in difficult living conditions.


+38 050-257-42-84

+38 096-588-62-14

Vinnytsia, 25/206 Nekrasova Str.

VCNGO Vinnytsia Helena and ‎Nicholas Roerich cultural and educational society

VCNGO Vinnytsia Helena and ‎Nicholas Roerich cultural and educational society is engaged in cultural and educational activities, self-education, serving people through participation in the cultural and spiritual life of society, in shaping the worthy future of our country.

We conduct weekly classes on issues of culture, science, philosophy, medicine, pedagogy, the annual celebration of the day of culture, realization of musical projects the way to the health of the spirit and music of the heart, we take part in the release of monthly radio broadcasts on the air of the radio company misto nad bugom (city over bug), devoted to the ethical issues and the art of the activists of national and world culture, we arrange conversations with students on the themes of meaning of life, the development of culture, the formation of a healthy lifestyle, and arrange exhibitions of nicholas roerich paintings reproductions and creative works by contemporary artists.


Vinnytsia, 39/29 Vashchuka Str.

Tel. 8(097)8868934, (093) 731 81 20


NGO Innovatsiyna Diia (Innovation Performance)

Mission of the organization: we help those who seek development and change.

We provide assistance to people affected by conflict and other vulnerable groups of the population, advocate for the rights and freedoms, and protect the interests of the population who suffered as a result of conflicts, teach youth participation in the democratic development of ukraine, increase social activity and promote the formation of leadership qualities in children and young people.





NGO tsentr Podillia-Socium (Podilia Society Center)

Mission of the organization: the formation of a society that is learning throughout its life.

Social projects of the educational direction are realized with the support of both ukrainian and international donors and partners. the organization is one of the founders of the ukrainian association of adult education.

Podilia society center has experience in conducting a large-scale international forum, as well as experience in implementing projects with partner organizations from virtually all regions of ukraine.


096-440-05-41 e-mail:

067-683-34-06 e-mail

NGO Evolutsia Krasy (Evolution of Beauty)

NGO “Evolution of Beauty” was established in january 2018, it deals with issues of beauty, style, health, ecology, psychology. we support women and families. we promote eco-consciousness.


093-952-49-22 (Daria)

067-503-61-62 (Alina)

NGO Center for Social Activity “Resultat” (Result)

The purpose of the organization: Development of initiatives aimed at strengthening democratic civil society in Ukraine through the development and implementation of various programs and projects.

Our goals:

  • educate responsible citizens who are active in social and political life of the community;
  • bring in instruments for citizens to participate in the process of decision-making at local level.

Directions of work: fight against corruption, local self-government, gender equality, youth policy, international cooperation, culture, social initiatives.


Tel: +380(63)6037716, +380931519127

Skype: сpa_result

City youth organization “Stanytsia Vinnytsia of Plast national scout organization of Ukraine”

The purpose of Plast is to promote comprehensive, patriotic education and self-education of Ukrainian youth on conscious, responsible and full-fledged citizens of local, national and world communities, community leaders on the ideals of Plast and on the principles of Christian morality.


Chairman – Olha Kazakova +380937879974, +380672661393,

Vinnytsia, 21 Hohola Str.

Community foundation Podilska hromada (Podolian community)

Podolian community’ is a community fund of the city of Vinnytsia, which activates the community and unites its resources to address current needs through the development of a culture of philanthropy.

At the moment, we have 14 operating programs, the largest of them: Youth Initiatives Bank, Ukrainian Army Support, Ecological City, Corporate Fund PJSC UPSK (aimed at helping hospitals).

Strategic directions of work: promoting the growth of social responsibility of business and development of the culture of charity, development of community in Vinnytsia, strengthening of the capacity of civil society organizations.


Vinnytsia, 27А Braclavska Str., PO Box 8009

Tel.(0432) 61-20-72

Vinnytsia regional information center “Creative”

Our motto: Let’s Get Creative!

Main directions of activity: development and implementation of regional, local and international programs aimed at the development of civil society; informational and educational activities in the field of European integration and introduction of European values in Ukrainian society; promotion of culture, spirituality, civic and non-formal education, volunteering; preservation of the environment.


Tel. +38-067-4331033

Public union IT Cluster Vinnytsia

The goal is to ensure effective cooperation of the members of the Union – juridical person that carry out their activities in the field of IT technologies and in the field of personnel work, state bodies of executive power, local authorities, educational institutions and organizations that carry out their educational activities in the field of IT technologies or tangential to her.


21050, Vinnytsia, 12A Artynova Str.


Youth NGO the student brotherhood of Vinnytsia

The Student Brotherhood of Vinnytsia Youth NGO (SBV) is a great platform for the development of students and young people in our city, designed to help them to reveal themselves in a variety of ways. We are engaged in realization of educational, charitable and cultural-entertaining projects both at university, and at city or even all-Ukrainian level. The SBU grants students the opportunity to relax actively and develop not only within the walls of educational institutions. Our volunteers are people who completely destroy stereotypes about the fact that modern Ukrainian youth are not active and are not interested in public life.


Tel.: 099 271 39 71 (Chairman – Horoshynska Olena)

NGO Our Podillya

Mission: building civil society at the level of local communities for a sustainable, environmentally safe development of the region.

Currently, the organization is engaged in supporting local communities in the way of their transformation, they are trained to use local analysis methods in planning changes in the community, implement environmental initiatives in rural schools and a volunteer program for youth from different countries, introducing a deep grading at Donetsk University.


Tel. – 0432 576 616

Vinnytsia, 2 Bohuna Str.

NGO Podolian Regional Development Agency

Mission of the organization: Center for the competence of system changes for sustainable development of communities.

NGO Podillya Regional Development Agency is an organization that shapes changes in the region through the introduction of successful policies, models and practices.

Among the main areas of activity: community development, e-democracy and e-government, regional analytics, participative, social entrepreneurship.


21000, Vinnytsia,

7 Horodeckoho Str.

Tel. +38 (0432) 69 44 32

NGO Vinnytsia regional center of international NGO ukraine-poland-germany

Purpose: to join the efforts of the members of the Organization to promote the development and strengthening of friendship and close cooperation of the peoples of Ukraine, Poland, Germany, protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the members of the Organization in the territory covered by the activities of the Branch.

Main directions of activity: to promote the public and the population with internal and external policies, with socio-political and socio-economic transformations of society, with the history, economy, life and culture of the peoples of Ukraine, Poland, Germany and other countries of the Organization; development of friendly relations with international public (non-governmental) organizations and other organizations on the exchange of experience and the conduct of joint activities that would contribute to solving the challenges facing the Organization; deployment of cooperation between villages, cities, regions, labor collectives in the field of economic and scientific and technical development, youth, cultural and sports exchanges; assistance in conducting international exhibitions, seminars, conferences, fairs, theatrical performances, radio and television programs, demonstration of films about the life of the peoples of Ukraine, Poland and Germany.




NGO Parostok (Sprout)

Mission: Creating opportunities for full-fledged youth with disabilities in the community.

We are working to create opportunities for self-sufficiency, social adaptation of youth with disabilities, people living with HIV / AIDS, cancer patients and other socially disadvantaged categories of youth and adults; promotion of social protection, social work and medical rehabilitation of youth with disabilities, young people living with HIV / AIDS, cancer patients and other socially vulnerable categories of youth and adults, involving these categories of people in socially useful activities, physical education and sports ; promoting the creation of opportunities for socially disadvantaged categories of youth and adults with disabilities equal to other Ukrainian citizens to participate in all spheres of public life; assistance in adapting young people with disabilities to independent living, etc.


Chairman – Iryna Sarancha, 0677831061