According to the Misto Zmistiv (City of Content) partnership strategy, the organization of communication platforms is expected to promote interaction between the authorities and the community and wil l allow them to choose common areas for work.

Strategic tuesday

A platform for regular dialogue for the discussion of projects, priorities and directional goals of Integrational Development Conception 2030

Coffee with content

Informal meetings of ICS (Institutions of Citizen Society) which are in City of Content Network

Learning with content

Trainings for Vinnytsia City Council workers to explain the advantages of participation and cooperation with society

Forum “Touchpoints”

Annual meeting of authorities and the public for summing up the interaction during the year

Forum of organizational development

Conference for Vinnytsia public organizations capacity building

Forum-fair of public activity

Presentation of our activity and public organization’s succesful projects to Vinnytsia citizens